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/ A Tale of Trembling Knees and Sweaty Palms

A Tale of Trembling Knees and Sweaty Palms

Feb 27, 2020 |
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Mitchell Riley |
Prepare for the interview

Did you just receive a call for a job interview? Congratulations, you’ve almost made it!

We bet you’re experiencing an eclectic mix of excitement, nerves, and a whole lot of anticipation. But as elating as the idea of making it to the final stage sounds, it’s often short-lived. Soon enough, the anxiety of the interview takes over and you find yourself palpitating.

Your knees tremble, your palms get sweaty, and before you know it you’ve lost your nerves and have forgotten everything you had prepared for the interview.

If you’re in a similar situation and are looking for a way to do away with interview anxiety and stress, here are a few tips that can help you out.

Prepare for the interview

Since there’s only a few things you can control in an interview—your body language and responses—its best to prepare for them beforehand. You should research the organization you’re interviewing for and become well-versed in their products and services.

This will help you prepare your answers and rehearse them beforehand so you know just what to say when an interviewer asks you a question. You can also ask a friend to help you conduct a mock interview so you can get familiar with an interview setting to calm your nerves. 

Be cautious of what you eat or drink

It’s best to avoid eating anything that’s going to make you nauseous during the interview—and that’s means avoiding alcohol or caffeine that can make you light-headed or too alert during an interview.

If your interview is in the afternoon, you can opt for a light salad right before it, or a healthy breakfast that won’t give you any digestive problems during the interview.


Anxiety and stress can often make you feel like you’re unable to breathe. You might think that your respiratory functions are shutting down but it’s important to remember that even during times of stress you’re in control of your breathing.

Taking a few deep breaths in and out will help you focus better once oxygen-rich blood is pumping through your veins.

Take your time

Since your goal during an interview is to be calm and collected. The best way to do that is to pause before answering any questions the interviewer asks you. 

Not only will this help you gather your thoughts, but it will also help you calm your nerves, and stop you from answering in a less quivering and more confident tone.

With these tricks up your sleeves, you can easily ace any interview!

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Posted: Feb 27, 2020
Posted by: Mitchell Riley
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