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Aug 16, 2019  |
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Mitchell Riley,  |

OPS Staffing connected me with an excellent company that my credentials fit very nicely with. My job seeking process lasted about 2 weeks due to their connection! I highly recommend working with them.

M King

Aug 15, 2019  |
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Mitchell Riley,  |

I am truly appreciative for the efforts and skill performed by Sam Riley. His knowledge was instrumental in placing me in a key position, with a reputable company. Sam is a true professional in the industry and made himself available to me any time of day if needed. Thank you Sam for everything, this union would not have happened without you!

Deborah F.

Aug 14, 2019  |
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Mitchell Riley,  |

I have had the best experience working with OPS Staffing. They were extremely professional and informative. They were easy to reach and always available during the recruitment process.  I recommend OPS Staffing to companies seeking candidates as well as candidates seeking employment opportunities.

S. End